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 How do I get into latex?

It can be difficult to get into your latex, but it can be made easier by using one of two things - Talcum powder (unscented) or Silicone Lube/dressing aid

It is a matter of preference - some don't like talcum as it may clump if you're sweating in your latex. In this case you can try silicone. Either way it can be a messy operation, but well worth persevering.

I have heard of great results for shining latex using Black Beauty Latex Polish , and ViviShine for dressing. 

I recommend starting out with a good coating of either silicone or talcum and adding more if required, until you can get into your latex.

Do not force your latex on - it may cause it to tear. It is also a good idea to wear some cotton gloves, as this helps ensure fingernails don't tear holes in your latex. 


How do I wash and store latex? 

I personally hand wash in warm water with mild liquid soap I only use one or two drops of the soap.

I rinse well and hang to dry not in direct sunlight .

I ensure that both inside and outside are thoroughly dry before storing.  

For storing I like to dust my pieces in talcum powder then hang them up with wooden coat hanger. 

However if you do not have the room another tip is to powder and roll the latex  up then put into a snap lock plastic baggie.  

Be mindful of where you store your Latex and don't inadvertently store next to metal buttons, etc. Be aware that storing next to a different coloured item may cause discolouration, especially in lighter colours.



You may notice in the photos that some of my products don't have a glossy shine to them. This is because talcum powder is used to stop the Latex from sticking to itself while working with it.  It is dispatched to you like this to ensure it arrives in great condition ready to shine up and get your sexy on.

All products are shipped wrapped in tissue paper with lots of talcum powder to ensure it reaches you in tip top condition.

Latex can be shined to a beautiful gloss - use silicone lubricant and a cloth with some elbow grease to get it (and you) glowing.

I use ViviShine but I am currently experimenting with making my own lube. 


Latex thickness

The thinner the latex the closer it will fit your body without constricting it.

A thinner one such as .33 mm is less constricting and allows more movement so is ideal for gloves, stockings, masks or other instances where you would want to have ease of movement.

It is less durable than thicker latex, requiring more care in case of tearing while fitting into it.

For a more restrictive feel a .45mm latex is going to be more suitable than .33mm. It will not have the same give as the thinner latex, so is ideal for clothing where you want to add shape and have durability such as skirts, dresses, catsuits, etc.

It will also be less prone to damage from fingernails and sharp objects. Is best thickness for people wanting to wear their latex for an extended period of time due to the ease of movement.

0.6mm is ideal for items where you want it to hold it's shape ie jackets or shirts with collars. It can be quite restrictive so is better for use where the wearer will not be bending or sitting alot.

Thicker still is the 0.8mm which is great for corsets, belts, bondage gear and heavy rubber outfits.

An outfit in .45mm is a good thickness as a starter piece to start your latex collection, as it give flexibility, is durable and is a cost effective way to try latex to see if it suits your needs.



To care for your Latex and give it a long life, there are some things you need to avoid, such as:

* Extreme heat - this will melt your Latex

* Solvents, mechanical and household oils will harm your Latex

* Sunlight can cause discolouration if exposed for long periods,

* High humidity and water may cause damage so ensure you do not expose it for long periods of time and dry thoroughly, including talcum for storage.

* Metal and nicotine may stain Latex, so keep clear where possible.

* Be aware that some leather products may have an excess of oils in them so use caution when exposing to leather products.

* Sharp objects - fingernails when

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