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4 years ago,  I developed a love of latex, I found the touch of latex helped me to relax and was therapeutic.

So every night after work I would sit down at my table and experiment with latex to created  latex outfits. I have always enjoyed making clothing and costumes but exploring latex has opened up my eyes and my world. 

Last year when covid hit I decided to take a break from my career and go back to study as well as devote more time to making latex garments for  customers. I do have some fantastic helpers as well, who help with admin and modeling (thank you Sunshine, Butcher and Opal). 

I source my latex from all over the world often trying out new thickness and patterns. I am currently using radical rubber and 4 D rubber as well as some of my own home made latex sheets.  


The Butcher

The Butcher has been a long term fan of latex and introduced  me to latex.

He taught me to how to respect, design and care for latex.

The Butcher is also an engineer and is always inventing new tools and new ways of going about things. 

I would not be doing this without the love and support of The Butcher.


Celeste and Echo

Celeste (they/them) and Echo (he/him) are lifestyle kinksters who have been partners in the Australian fetish scene since 2018.

Their relationship has fluctuated in dynamic, and though they are both switches currently Celeste is the dominant within their open relationship. 

At the moment Celeste organizes all modeling and photography independently.

You can find more about them on Twitter and Instagram.


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