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    Shell-and tube condenser


    The shell-and tube condenser is a device in which a plurality of parallel tubes are formed in a cylindrical shell to form a tube bundle, and the solvent vapor is condensed by heat exchange. There are horizontal. Vertical two. Heat transfer area 0.5-500 square meters. Can be customized according to user needs.

    Advantage performance

    • 1. Cooling water can be recycled without being contaminated by secondary steam;
    • 2. Since the water in the condenser is a closed loop without impact sound of water, unlike the cooling water used by the water jet, there is water impact sound on the outside;
    • 3. It is not limited by the height of the space, but it can be installed vertically or horizontally. It is not limited by the space height of the atmospheric condenser (atmospheric condenser installation height is above 10.5m).
    • 4. The cooling effect is also no worse than the direct condenser, and it is easy to control.

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